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Frequently Asked Questions

There are no specific number of lessons or hours of practice that can guarantee the learner driver to learn driving or obtain license. All students learn at their own individual pace. The more the learner practices with driving instructor the learner will learn quickly and properly. There is a minimum of 120 hours that new students must undertake and record in a log book. This is mandatory for new students under 21 years of age and who have received their learner’s permit after 1 july 2007.

Is it necessary to learn driving with driving instructors and with other experience drivers ?

To begin with, driving isn’t quite simple the way it seems, you have to properly know the road rules before you turn the wheels. For this you have to undergo formal training to become a confident driver and follow road safety. A good instructor ensures their learners gain good driving skills, experience and safety while driving. Only good training will help you to become a successful and competent driver. So selecting a good driving school is one of the most important decisions that you need to make.

Should i learn in automatic or manual car ?

Many people often brood over this question whether they should learn to drive manual or automatic? Although automatic is easier comparatively but it would be best if you learn to drive manual first. Manual cars provide better control and increased efficiency. If you learn in manual then you will find driving automatic car very easy. The rule implies that if you pass your test in manual car then you are allowed to drive either manual or automatic. A manual is a challenge so in my opinion you should take it and crack it.

How many lessons will i need before i get my license ?

Their are no legal requirements that you must take specific numbers of lessons befor drive test as long you are ready and confident for drive, however betwwen age of 16 to 21 minimum driving hours according to vicroads log book you must complete 120 hours before the final drive test. to learn driving skill every person is different some people they get thing very quickly and some they take bit time. so numbers of lesson are vary ocording to person.

In what areas do you provide lessons ?

we serve all areas that’s listed on websites specially surrounding testing areas we are highly trained to bring high numbers of positive outcomes. for area list please click here

What are the advantages of double lessons?

Double lessons can be a more efficient use of time if you are travelling to a different area to practice in special conditions – heavier traffic for example. Many people also find double lessons far more effective because they can learn more at once.

What is the Learner Log book?

Vic Roads issues learner log books, which require the learner driver to record information such as the number of hours of driving, the types of roads driven on, the road conditions and details of the supervising driver. Punjab Driving School can show you how to use the log book.

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