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About us

Want automatic and cheap driving lessons in Melbourne? Then contact Punjab Driving School which specialises in providing automatic and cheap driving lessons in Melbourne. Punjab Drive, the experts for new learners, refresher lessons, overseas license conversions and senior drivers. Punjab Drive caters for the significantly changed learning and test criteria. Punjab Driving School’s team of experienced and patient driving instructors are ready to help take you from theory to practice with the least amount of difficulty. We quickly assess your skill level and tailor your driving class to address your individual needs. Every driving class from our experienced driving instructors ensures results come fast. We will have you licensed and on the road in no time.

Punjab Driving School ensure that our learners become safe and confident drivers for their life time and we ensure the learners get their Victorian license at one go.

  • Punjab Driving school’s instructors ensure their learners gain good driving skills, knowledge, experience and safety in driving.
  • Punjab Driving School’s will work with you in developing and maintaining important defensive driving habits.
  • Punjab Driving School’s Instructors make sure that you gain the skills and confidence needed to drive safely in all situations.

Services we offer

Punjab Driving School aims to provide best service and training to our learners to stay safe on they road by providing necessary skills. 


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Punjab Driving School has built its well-respected name and reputation by providing professional driving lessons in conjunction with excellent customer service, friendliness, patience and higher than average pass rates.

Whatever your needs, Punjab Driving School is your one stop shop for driving lessons and Victorian driving licenses.

Our Specialities

Our instructors ensure that the learners profit by our guidance to develop good driving skills, knowledge, experience and safety in driving. We impart driving instructions to our students for maintaining important defensive driving habits. You will become a successful and competent driver after we have worked on you.

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