Our Packages

45 Mins 1st Lesson Auto

  • 1st Lesson Automatic car
  • $48.00

90 Mins 1st Lesson Auto

  • 1 Lessons Auto
  • $92.00

45 Mins 5 Lessons Auto

  • 5 Lessons Automatic car
  • $250.00

90 Mins 5 Lessons Auto

  • 5 Lessons Auto
  • $460.00

45 Mins 10 Lessons Auto

  • 10 Lessons Auto
  • $480.00

90 Mins 10 Lessons Auto

  • 10 Lessons Auto
  • $900.00

Diver Test Special​

  • On Sale, Only For This Month So Hurry.
  • 3x 60 Min Lessons
  • Drive Test. Automatic Only
  • $315.00

Drive Test Only

  • Drive Test Auto
  • Pickup And Drop From Vicroads
  • $160.00

Punjab Driving School in Melbourne offers the following services for Teenage first-time drivers, new adult learners and existing drivers with lapsed licenses.

Punjab Driving School is a dynamic driving academy with driving instructors dedicated to provide the best lessons. It is no coincidence that hundreds of learners have passed with our experienced and patient instructors.

Guaranteed Exams

Pass your driving tests with one of our special packages. Our driving lessons are designed specifically so that learners can understand the core perspective of driving and pass their tests easily.

A Remarkable Platform For Driving Tests

Punjab Driving School in Melbourne has been a pioneer in the field of driving training. Driven by world-class technology & training curriculum, our driving instructors and packages are best suited for all types of learners. With top-class training lessons and knowledge, we have redefined the standards of driving training in Melbourne.

Learning to drive is a major milestone, and your choice of driver’s education program is very important. As the largest and most trusted driving school in Melbourne, we go way beyond state requirements to ensure that our learners are fully prepared to make safe choices when driving. Whether you are looking to enroll in a comprehensive program, coming in for driving lessons, or taking a license test, know that Punjab Driving School is a trusted source for a number of families in the city than other driving schools.

What we mean to learners?

Driving lessons packages provided Punjab Driving School are designed to suit your budget! Moreover, our instructors help you getting the car under control, learn you special manoeuvres and make sure you can safely move on the road. Lessons are there to learn driving, so you can get your driver license at the practical exam. We focus on building confidence and teaching safe driving habits in a highly engaging manner.

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