Terms And Conditions


  • Driving test fee must be paid before the test start.
  • Payment must be made before start of lesson or after lesson.
  • Payment must be in cash unless prior arrangement has been made with the driving instructor.
  • All booking cancellations and modifications must be notified to the driving instructor 24 hour prior to the appointment time otherwise the lesson fee will be charged.
  • Driving pack got 3 months validity unless prior to discussed with instructor.
  • Driving instructor has reserve the right to cancel, postpone or refund the lesson price according to leftover from pack.
  • Lessons paid price or bought lessons package are not refundable or transferable in any conditions.
  • Punjab Driving school reserve the right to change terms & conditions without notice any time.
  • Please note we are not vicroads. All documentation requirement from vicroads are subject to provide by Client. Driving school is not responsible for documentation rejection or drive test been canceled due to missing or wrong documents. Client have to pay full amount of test. we strongly recommend that you verify your documents prier to test date to avoid troubles.
  • Driving test pack with 3x60min lessons with test is subject to have last 3rd lesson must be delivered at the same time of driving test and can’t be delivered separately unless arranged with instructor. instructor have right to reject delivering lesson at other times separate from driving test day and time.

Your Photos And Other Social Media

By providing or allowing us to take your photos you are agreed with us to use for promotional activities on Facebook and google or etc etc…. please advise us if you don’t want us to share your success story on Facebook or other social media.

Drivers License Guarantee

Our Guarantee that you will pass your License test first time all bookings are subject to our Term and Conditions. Our guarantee is conditional on your driving level after being assessed twice is at a reasonable License Vic Roads Test Standard. Guarantee a limited time only!!!!


  • Minimum of 10 lessons with Punjab Driving School Trainers.
  • Must passed one practice run with the Punjab Driving School’s instructors prior to the test?
  • Re- Testing costs are not the Vic Roads charges or the lesson before the test.
  • No crash situation or running a red light
  • If your first test was not failed by an immediate failure with driving through a red light, driving through a stop sign, driving over the speed limit or a failure to park the car. Our guarantee will cover all the rest of the conditions on your Punjab Driving school’s instructors approval. * Guarantee is limited to one month from first license test attempt.

Immediate Failures!

An immediate failure will apply if, at any time during your assessment, you do something which is illegal and/or unsafe. You will be failed immediately if you do anything deemed illegal or not safe.


  • Driving through a Red light!
  • Did you now how to park the car?
  • In a dangerous situation on the roads!
  • Driving through a Stop Sign or Stop Line!
  • Driving any wheel over the curb or onto the footpath!
  • If you driving over the speed limit for more than 5 seconds!
  • School crossing with the flags displayed any pedestrian is waiting!
  • If you driving too slowly with out any reason continuously or more than 10km/h under the speed limit!

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