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Transportation is an essential and inseparable part of any person’s life, hence it’s essential for every individual to know how to drive a car. For this opting for professional driving school Bundoora help is always better than trying to teach the amateur driving by yourself.

A driving instructor plays an important role in teaching the amateur how to drive a car safely on the road. The responsibilities of a driving instructor include preparing the student for emergency situation, teaching them about maintenance of a vehicle and lastly giving the students a proper understanding of the traffic rules.

Driving lessons are important for the learners because they will provide the leaner with the skills that are required to acquire their license and continue to drive safely while on the road. Professional driving lessons are made in such a way so as to meet the requirements of the learner. It educates the learner on different parts of the car and safe operating procedures.


The perfect place to find a driving instructor and a perfect driving lesson is a driving school. Driving schools bundoora are the best place to learn driving as they provide the individual learner with a skilled driving instructor and a perfect driving lesson. Punjab Driving School is the best driving school you can find across Melbourne, at PDS we teach the learners important driving lessons that are created according to the rules and regulations of Australia. We are proud members of ADTAV and operate in Bundoora and surrounding suburbs.


Punjab Driving School – Ensuring The Fastest Way To Learn Better Driving

driving school bundoora

Our driving instructors at Punjab Driving School Bundoora understand that learning to drive isn’t cheap, many driving schools will take advantage of this and charge you a larger sum than necessary; not us. Our Instructors are highly trained in the latest safety techniques & rules of the road.

The perfect driving class designed for you

Our friendly, supportive instructors are Ministry-Certified with more than a decade of instruction history. Our instructors help make it a fun, positive and safe environment for learning. Now is the perfect time to start your in class, or behind the wheel training. We know this process can be expensive. So we constantly monitor our competitions’ pricing. We offer information-rich and engaging in-classroom drivers’ education.

Punjab Driving School has the most experienced instructors in Bundoora. We offer a safe, fun, empowering environment for new drivers to learn the best driving skills. We have designed classes with the busy student driver in mind. We have a very flexible system of driving classes that allows students to take the classes to accommodate their schedules at their own pace. We appreciate that your life is busy with school, work & volunteer activities.

Our mission to develop the best drivers in Bundoora

We are the only driving school in Bundoora that provides private, one-on-one driving instruction in our dual control fully equipped driver training vehicles. This provides steering, gas and brake for both the instructor and client. This gives us full control of the vehicle providing unparalleled safety which minimizes distractions and allows hands-on training with an emphasis on driver safety.

We’re committed to ensuring that each of your sessions is nothing less than first-class. Your highly-qualified driver trainer will make the entire coaching experience as easy as possible. From the core skills you need to be able to operate a car legally and effectively, to expert eco-driving sessions that enhance the skills as a driver.

We are always there for you

Whatever you need, we have the right driving course for you – always personal, comprehensive and tailored to your needs. We work hard to give our clients the help they need, which is why we have great feedback about our approach and training provided.

Come speak with us and see our methods for yourself. Because when the chemistry is right, learning seems to happen on its own.

Here at Punjab Driving School, we would love nothing more than to answer an email or a phone call from you today. For all enquiries and bookings, get in touch with us today.

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