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Certified Professional Driving Instructors

Punjab Driving School believes that your car tells a lot about you and the way you drive it says even more. You can be slow, you can be fast, you can be smart, you can be kind on road, but first, you have got to know how to drive. All the above mentioned things were what you can be, but there are certain qualities that must be visible in your driving, like being confident and being attentive on the road. Your extensive search for the best driving school will only lead you to the best in Melbourne, which is Punjab Driving School. You can now stop wasting your precious time in going through the long lists of driving schools, as we have the best driving instructors Melbourne, whom you can trust.

Certified Driving Instructor

Our trained professionals have gone through intensive training and have years of experience as driving instructors. Our competent driving instructor will render you with practical knowledge on specially designed cars. Our instructors are experienced, skilled and patient. Here, is the opportunity to learn from licensed professionals and enhance your driving skills. You will surely pass every test in the first attempt. Our experts also aspire to produce excellent drivers with superior road sense and thorough knowledge about traffic rules. You cannot ignore the need to train your kid or yourself under an expert’s supervision.

Our friendly and patient instructors will analyze your skills and will give you personal attention. You will be trained to an extent where you can handle any situation that might arise while driving. Your specific needs will be taken into consideration while designing driving lesson for you. Driving is a skill that can be acquired only by practice under a skilled driver. Learning with your friends or family members involves a lot of risk because the teacher and the learner both will be equally anxious and will end up banging the car somewhere! Eliminate all the risks and let Punjab Driving School take control. Grab the chance to develop your driving skills or refine them if you already have them, with our affordable packages and proficient instructors. With the leading driving school you will drive safe. Learn fast and then just move on to the driver’s seat in style and confidence.

Our Professional Driving Instructor

Enlisted below are the names of some of our best driving instructors with years of skilled driving experience on all sorts of vehicles. Each of the following trainers is well versed with the high tech dynamics of latest vehicles in the market.

John – John is the trainer you can count on when you are new to driving. He prepares the novice exceptionally well by abating their fears quite well.

Age – 45

Driving Experience – 25 yrs

Certification – Certification IV

Shaz – Shaz is the oldest driving instructor here and hence he knows all the driving ropes darn well. He is the perfectionist when it comes to putting the customers through the grind.

Age –42

Driving Experience – 21 yrs

Certification- Certification IV

Jay- With 21 yrs of experience in the Driving industry, Jay is at the forefront of driving practice for a long time now and have transformed countless novices into driving experts.

Age- 42

Driving Experience- 21 yrs

Certification- Certification IV