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Book or Change Learner Permit Test

Book or Change Learner Permit Test

As you might know that you must be 15 to apply for the permit. Before applying for the permit you have to get the adequate information required to pass the test.

Book Learner Permit Test

For starters you need to bring a certified copy of your birth certificate, a valid passport or an identification card. There might be other documents also which the examiner may ask for. After submitting the documents you will have to pass a vision and knowledge test. After passing these two tests you will be given an instruction permit which will be valid for a year. The permit will allow you to begin driving. Then you have to develop your driving skills so that you are able to successfully pass the driving test.

Lost Permit

If you have lost your permit then you can obtain a new one by bringing two acceptable forms of identification to a license office and thus a duplicate license would be issued to you.

Expired Permits

Get more information about applying for an International Driving Permit at the RACV website (external website). For more information click here………….
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