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Driving school has an important role to play in making you a skilful driver. We at Punjab Driving School in Jacana aim to make each student a responsible and talented driver at the end of the course. Our driving instructors are specialized in the driving field for many years. In addition to that, we have various car models for all students from which they can pick easily for training.

Punjab Driving School incorporates the latest technologies as well as patience and personal attention to help get you, and keep you, in the driver’s seat. Our experienced driving instructors will assess your needs and abilities and then adapt your training sessions to your specific learning style.


  1. We have a valid license to give training in the car driving.
  2. Our school provides the facility of pick up and drop between your home and driving school.
  3. The driving instructor Jacana provides a flexible schedule for the comfort of all students.
  4. Regular road tests to check your performance in driving.
  5. We inform you about all the latest traffic rules and regulations.
  6. Guarantee of quick license
  7. Our driving lessons include regular class tests to train the students in road signs and traffic laws.

As a learner driver it is essential that you feel 100% comfortable and confident with your driving instructor. Punjab Driving School’s amazing driving instructor testimonials say it all!

Other Benefits of Joining Our Driving School

  1. Safe Driving

Driving safely on the road is the principle we all must follow especially in the advanced cities. Our professional driving instructors will train you in driving on all types of roads.

  1. More Passing Rate

Many students pass from our driving school each year. This is one of the best advantages of joining our driving school.

Learning to drive is not just about getting a license but is an essential skill for life. Since our inception, Punjab Driving School has a continued reputation in delivering great value for the customers in Jacana.  We are one of the oldest and best schools in Victoria and also one of the most progressive driver education provider.


To book our professional driving lessons, you can call on our toll-free numbers. Apart from that, you can send us an email or a text message on WhatsApp to reach our help desk at driving school.

driving school Jacana

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