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Renew Your Driving Licence

Renew Your Driving Licence

A renewal notice will be sent to your last recorded address approximately four to five weeks before your licence expires. Failure by VicRoads to send a renewal notice or you not receiving the notice does not affect your obligation to renew the licence.

You can renew your licence in several ways depending on whether VicRoads holds a recent digitalised image of you in its database. The renewal notice will indicate whether a new image needs to be made.

Note: There are no fee concessions available for driver licence fees.

In Person

If the renewal notice indicates that you need a new image made and all the details on the renewal notice are correct, you need to take the notice to a Licence Photo Point* . or a VicRoads Customer Service Centre and:

* If you renew at a Licence Photo Point, a new image will be made, even if VicRoads holds a recent digitalised image on its database.

You can pay by cash, cheque, EFTPOS or credit card (Visa or Mastercard). However, if you are renewing your licence at an agency, please check with them ahead of time to see what payment methods they accept.

If you have a new digitalised image made at a VicRoads Customer Service Center or at a photo point, you will receive your new licence in about a week.

By Bpay, telephone or mail

If the VicRoads held digitalised image of you is a recent image (the renewal notice will indicate this) and if all the details on your renewal notice are correct, you can renew your licence by Bpay, telephone or mail and you will receive your new licence within five to seven working days.
  • By Bpay Call your banking provider and follow the prompts.
  • By Telephone Call VicRoads on 1300 554 853 and follow the prompts. This service is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
  • By Mail
You can send your renewal notice to VicRoads together with the renewal fee. You can pay by either credit card (Visa or Mastercard) or cheque. Send your renewal notice and payment to:VicRoads Licence Correspondence Locked Bag 7000 Kew VIC 3101 In cases where there is no stored image and you cannot attend a VicRoads Customer Service Centre, you will need to complete a photo kit form or call 13 11 71.

Drivers under 75 years of age

A 10 year licence renewal is automatically issued. However, you can request a 3 year renewal to be issued by calling VicRoads on 13 11 71 or visiting a VicRoads Customer Service Centre.

Drivers 75 years of age or older
If you are 75 years of age or older, VicRoads at its discretion, will only grant a licence for a maximum of three years. At the end of each three year period, the licence will be renewed for a further three years.

Fees Refer to the Driver Licence and Learner Permit fees page for information on the following fees: 10 year licence 3 year licence

There are no fee concessions available for driver licence fees. However, you may be eligible for a discount under the Driver Reward Scheme

Renewing your licence while overseas If you are overseas and need to renew your licence, you can do this by Bpay, telephone or by mail if VicRoads holds a recent digitalised image of you. This will be indicated on your renewal licence. If you do not know whether VicRoads has a recent photo of you on its database, you can find this and more information by calling +613 9854 7763. Your licence will be mailed to the current address on your licence. Please allow two to four weeks for delivery if you have requested your new licence to be mailed overseas. If you do not renew your licence on time, your licence will expire. Depending on your licence status, different requirements will apply for renewing an expired licence. Evidence of identity If you can not provide your existing licence as evidence of identity you will need to provide other original evidence of identity documents.

One of these documents must have your signature on it.

Licences expired by more than 6 months To renew a driver licence that has expired by more than six months other rules apply. If any information on your renewal notice is incorrect, you should contact VicRoads on 13 11 71 or visit a VicRoads Customer Service Centre to change your details and have a new renewal notice issued to you before renewing your licence. You can renew your licence for either three or ten years. For more information click here………….
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